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As a disruptive voice and presence, Trudi B. Parson commands local and international audiences to position themselves to recall & tap into the power they’ve been given to create and live the life they want.

Trudi B. Parson

Trudi B. Parson is the founder and CEO of Fortify | The Business Launch Firm the only known comprehensive business support firm in the state of North Carolina.

Coach Trudi’s personal journey from being from a small town, growing up with very limited resources, college dropout, married young, losing 2 ½-year-old son following his open heart surgery after just giving birth 2 weeks prior to her daughter to becoming a wife of 26 years, a Master’s degree graduate, a doctoral student, marketplace minister, entrepreneur, educator, owner of six businesses and empowerment speaker is nothing…NOTHING…short of a miracle. It is the burdens she bore, the scars she has, and the healed wounds she shares her stories of victory from that allows her to empower others in ways that have duplicated results for so many others in business and in their personal lives. Trudi B. Parson’s empowerment impartations are focused on tapping into the power to create wealth and time freedom by any means necessary. Her disruptive voice and presence commands the attention of local and international audiences while encouraging them to position themselves to recall & tap into the power they’ve been given to create and live the life they want and deserve. Her strategies and kingdom based principles and proven truths shake every false narrative that hinders growth and progression in three very imperative areas in a person’s life; relationships, business, finances and spirituality. When all are in proper alignment freedom takes place. Creating an open environment with her audiences, Coach Trudi bypasses the fruit or the surface to get to the root of what is ailing the room. She leaves her audiences in awe of the possibilities that lay ahead of them, the strategic plans that have been placed in their hands, and the tools they have been given access to execute them successfully.

Trudi B. Parson has been voted and awarded by Alignable as the 2022, 2023 & 2024 Local Business Person of the Year. She was the spokesperson on finance for the United Nation’s 65th Commission on Women and Girls. She was a Keynote speaker for Black CEO Iconic Conference in 2021. She is a member of the International Society of Female Entrepreneurs. Her public speaking experience extends as far back as 2005. Her masterclasses, master courses, challenges, and one on one sessions are literally life-changing.

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