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I help people create sustainable wealth through business ownership by implementing disruptive strategies for success. 

I am Trudi B. Parson, CEO and Founder.

Congratulations to our Founder and CEO, Coach Trudi B. Parson! She strives to bring her best self to those she serves. Here are the latest accomplishments Coach Trudi B. Parson has achieved: 2024 Business Person of the Year and NCIDEA Eli Certified Mindset Facilitator 

The Summer Elevate Series

Join our dynamic 5-day workshop series, where each week you’ll dive into essential business topics like Proper Business Formation, Traditional and Non-Traditional Business Funding, Investing, Entrepreneur Retirement Funds, Grants, Idea to Profit Strategies, Monetizing Virtual Events, Networking, Business Credit Card Points, Personal Credit Card Points, Team Building, Multiple Strategic Streams of Income, and Tax Strategy. Plus, gain exclusive access to our private community! Upgrade to our VIP package to enjoy an interactive Q&A session and receive valuable credit card points spreadsheets, designed to maximize your financial potential. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your business game and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams!

Fortify | The Business Launch Firm

Fortify is an entrepreneurial training and corporate consulting firm designed to give passionate entrepreneurs a proven, powerful step-by-step system for building a profitable business and a freedom lifestyle built around and navigated by their gifts.

Fortify is a comprehensive business coaching firm in which we offer several of the services all business owners should be using. Those services include but are not limited to business coaching, business tax preparation and planning, grant discovery and application, business credit, business formation and alternative business funding.

With our upcoming monthly business networking events, private social media communities, masterclass, mastercourses and retreats you too are sure to expand your business!

This Month's Highlighted Business

Strategic Solutions Tax Preparation and Planning

We are a tax preparation and planning business specializing in Self Employed, Small Business, Truck Transportation, Railroad Employed Tax Returns, Rental Properties, Foreign Currency, Special Form Filings, Non-Profit Tax Returns form 990 and Capital Gains including Crypto. We prepare and plan forward with each client to ensure the best possible outcome in the following tax season.

Offering bookkeeping services to keep our clients in compliance, we take the intimidation out of random audits with quarterly prepared client reports. With our tax bill review, tax return review and amendment options we make sure no coin is left behind and if it was we can recover it.

Strategically we also teach business owners and individual filers how to legally maximize the tax code via our hosted seminars and masterclasses and also as guests for other event hosts.

With more than 25 years of experience we look forward to continuing to serve you.

Welcome to Strategic!

Accepting New Clients


#LaunchU is our original 3 Day Masterclass. It is 3 days packed with information to get your business started and registered with the state, learn where to look and how to get your business funded with grants, loans, business taxes & how to build business credit. We implement our trademarked Launchpath™ to ensure you leave the last session with strategic plans to keep you paid even during an economic crisis. Space will be limited in these group sessions to protect the quality of the time invested with each attendee during the real time hands on component of each of the sessions. Bring your laptop and be ready to immediately implement what we cover.

$452 – Group Sessions. 

Next In-person Group Session:
April 18th, 19th & 20th 2024 @ 6:30PM

$652 – 1 on 1 Sessions
( In-person Greensboro NC or Virtual ).

Financing available through Afterpay and Klarna.

In-person registration now open.

Are you tired of attending fragmented grant seminars, masterclasses and webinars? Leaving with pieces of what to do but never the whole picture? Well that stops here. In our workshop we’re equipping you to put the pieces together to get the funding you and your business deserves!

You’ll get the following:

Understanding Grants | Becoming Fundable | FindingGrants | Application Process | Grant Budgeting & Planning | Grant Management | Grant Writing | Current Grants Available

AI Masterclass

Business Owners!!! We heard you so we’ve created this Masterclass just for you! Join us on October 7th at 9am EST for our AI Masterclass!

AI is a great tool to help you reclaim your time, generate more income, create more content, collaborate and network like never before.

Those who understand AI embrace the support and increase it brings to the life of an entrepreneur and their business. Come get to know it!

Join us as we teach on the following topics all while using AI (artificial intelligence):
Writing Business Plans| Creating Multiple Streams of Income | Writing Grants | Creator Tools | Content & Product Creation & More

In Person or Virtual

Business Accelerator

Finish Strong 3 Day 1 on 1
This is a 3 Day Business Coaching Masterclass built to accelerate and prepare your business to have a successful 2024. You’ll have 3 Zoom or in person one on one sessions with Coach Trudi B. Parson, the 2022 & 2023 Business Person of the Year.

From beginning your business, expanding your business in non conventional ways to producing and accessing more revenue than ever before, I am giving you the strategic steps and keys to unlock the New Year with a first quarter plan to dominate your industry!

Here’s what you’ll learn:
Business Assessment ( Evaluation and resetting foundation )
Business Funding ( We own an alternative funding company )
Business Credit ( How to get it )
Business Expansion ( Tapping into online streams of income )
Business Taxes ( How to keep the money you earn )
Business Grants & Loans ( Where to look and use AI to write them )

5K Days With Coach Trudi

5K Days are here! Gather your goal friends, business partners, organizations and nonprofit teams / board members and meet me for a 5K Day in a beautiful mansion for 8 hour access to me for business training, networking, Q and A, extravagant fun and good food.

Training Topics:

Business Credit
Business Loans
Tax Structure and Strategy
Grant Discovery & Writing
Business Coaching Breakouts
Using AI to Simplify Operations
Business Formation and Entities
Alternative and Traditional Business Funding

Empowerment Speaker

As a disruptive voice and presence, Trudi B. Parson commands local and international audiences to position themselves to recall & tap into the power they’ve been given to create and live the life they want.

Coach / Consultant

As a results driven coach, Trudi B. Parson, launches business owners from where they are to where they should be on and in purpose in record breaking time. Corporations benefit greatly from the organizational culture and revenue recovery services.


As the owner of 6 small businesses, Trudi B. Parson offers several services through various entities and also offers the opportunity for partnership in a few of them.

Marketplace Minister

As a licensed minister, Trudi B. Parson rightly divides the word and teaches it clearly for daily  life from various platforms in the community and abroad on the mission field.

What people say about my work…

Event Attendee Spotlight

James Hall from California, Travel Business Owner

I’m inspired and empowered by this scripture:

But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

Deuteronomy 8:18

I’m encouraged by Dr. Myles Munroe:

“The greatest failure is to be successful in the wrong assignment.”

Dr. Myles Munroe

My greatest advice to you:

“When opportunities fail to present themselves you must be willing to create your own.”

"In doing so you must finally remove your plans from the board and paper and partner them with the correct strategies to take you from high hopes to manifestations."

Trudi B. Parson

I work with those who are looking to catapult their lives, businesses, ministries and / teams out of a place of lack and non productivity into an expanded territory full of overflow.

As an expert in business and well experienced in ministry I have intentionally interwoven the two in order to use kingdom principles to navigate clients into the following:

• Sustainable success structured on a firm foundation.
• Measurable results from strategic steps given via her trademarked Launchpath.
• Attainable goal setting techniques supported by actionable directives.
• Removal of negative heart wounds, thoughts, and self-sabotaging behaviors and replacing them with edifying success producing actions and belief systems.
• Teachable training clients can in turn monetize from. 


"To change the world we must first change ourselves"

Trudi B Parson Signature

Join any of my courses and accelerate your growth!

Meet Trudi B. Parson

She is Coach Trudi B. Parson. Marketplace Minister, educator, generational debt eraser, generational wealth builder, the business launch coach extraordinaire, CEO & Founder of Fortify | The Business Launch Firm. She is a business leader with a visionary and kingdom based structure to strategically impact Generation X, Z and Millennial communities through business coaching, disruptive masterclasses, wealth building fireside chats and financial literacy programs.

Who is Your Why? 

Your why can’t be a what. Your why has to be a who. Who makes you want to be better? Who makes you want to do better? Who wants you want better? Who makes you want to keep trying? Who? 

For me it’s these folks right here. My daughter Zoe and my husband of more than 25 years, Shannon. Life is fleeting. Honestly, building wealth isn’t all about the money. It’s about the option it creates to free up your time. The time to spend with those who make your heart smile. The time to spend with your ‘WHO’.

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