As the owner of 6 small businesses, Trudi B. Parson offers several services through various entities and also offers the opportunity for partnership in a few of them.

Having multiple streams of income is imperative.

Why? If one stream dries up another continues to flow. Several of her businesses work together to bring the best client experiences to you while offering you the opportunity to also expand your own wealth building portfolio by connecting with her or by designing your own opportunity.

Fortify Financial

When Your Bank Or The SBA Can’t Help, We Can!

We know how it can be to be turned down by the banks when your business really needs support to recover slowed revenue and operating costs while moving your business forward. We know what it’s like to be responsible for the incomes of households and not know how you’ll cut their check next week. We know what it’s like to build your dreams and see them begin to crumble because you just can afford the equipment to produce at the rate of the demand for your amazing products. That’s why at Fortify Financial we have partnered with underwriters who offer several nontraditional business funding options.

Our goal is to assist businesses with getting back to business, staying in business and scaling their business by providing the best small business and commercial lending options available without the restrictions most banks have. When the bank says ‘no’ we say ‘yes’!

We have diversified our lender base to offer our business owners more product options including emergency same and next day funds. We understand that sometimes things happen and the no from the bank can cause you to have to close your doors when all you really need is a little short term support to get you to your long term goals. 

*Pre-qualification No Credit Impact Application Available.

Welcome to Fortify Financial

We offer the following alternative business funding options to support your business when you need it the most

Startup Funding

Get the funds you need to launch your new business without cash flow challenges. Get flexible terms and establish your business credit to get your business off the ground.
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Credit Card Processing

Obtain a free cost savings analysis! Save thousands on your credit card processing fees. These savings could be allocated towards other areas such a payroll, hiring additional staff, replacing out-dated equipment, software costs or business loans.
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Merchant Cash Advance

Utilize your future sales to get great financing terms that are tailored for you. MCA is one of the most flexible financing options that doesn’t require collateral.
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Fix N Flips Loans

Quick and easy access to Fix n Flip loans! Get the funds you need for projects.
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Line of Credit

Use for managing cash flow to buy more inventory, make payroll or other challenges. Take advantage of revolving line of credit, that can give you access to cash when you need it
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Equipment Financing

Use for investments in your business, such as expansion project or large purchases. Get the funds you need upfront with great rates with the option to apply for more when needed.
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Franchise Financing

Use for investments in your business, such as inventory or new locations. Get the funds you need upfront with great rates, with the option to apply for more when needed.
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Term Loan

Use for investments in your business, such as expansion projects or large purchases. Get the funds you need upfront with great rates, with the option to apply for more when needed.
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Accounts Receivable Financing

Turn your accounts receivables into cash to better manage your cash flow gaps. Get funded immediately with one or many invoices, without ever alerting your customers.
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SBA Loans

Get expedited SBA Funding at prime rate to cover working capital and growth expenses. Utilize our streamlined SBA Loan application process to get funding in 45 days!
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Asset Based Loans

Use for investments in your business, such as expansion or large purchases. Get the funds you need upfront with great rates, with the option to apply for more when needed.
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Instant Approval and Fast Funding Options:

Instant Approval Same Day

Funding up to $25K approval amount. Approximately 75% of Monthly Revenue. Ex: $10,000 Monthly Revenue = 7,500 Advance Offer.

Simple and Fast Online

Funding up to $2,000,000 approval amount. Approximately 1-2x of Monthly Revenue. Ex: $50,000 Monthly Revenue = $50,000 -$100,000 Advance Offer.

Qualification is simple!
Do you qualify?

The minimum qualifications of our providers are less intensive than those of banks. We focus on getting you quick approval and fast capital.

Time in Business

Only need a minimum of 4 months business.


Business can reside anywhere in US

Personal Credit

Personal Credit Score must be at least 500+

Monthly Revenue

$15K+ Monthly Revenue. Not doing $15k+ month? Try our Up to 25K Option in Menu Above


Over 700 different industries served

Ready to get funded? Receive your decision in minutes…. Literally.


100% Online Application

Complete the online application by clicking below.


Upload Documents

During the online application process you will upload 3 months of bank statements (PDF),  a voided check, and a copy of your drivers license.


Receive offers

We will provide you with the best funding offers within 1 business day-and as fast as 1 hour.

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We are a tax preparation and planning business specializing in Self Employed, Small Business, Truck Transportation, Railroad Employed Tax Returns, Rental Properties, Foreign Currency, Special Form Filings, Non-Profit Tax Returns form 990 and Capital Gains including Crypto. We prepare and plan forward with each client to ensure the best possible outcome in the following tax season. 

Offering bookkeeping services to keep our clients in compliance, we take the intimidation out of random audits with quarterly prepared client reports. With our tax bill review, tax return review and amendment options we make sure no coin is left behind and if it was we can recover it. 

Strategically we also teach business owners and individual filers how to legally maximize the tax code via our hosted seminars and masterclasses and also as guests for other event hosts.

With more than 25 years of experience we look forward to continuing to serve you.

Welcome to Strategic!


Strategic Solutions Tax Preparation and Planning

Kingdom Weddings and Events


What could be better than an expert guiding you through the wedding-planning process? We are qualified to act as an Advisor, Planner, Coordinator, and Director. We can create a timeline/checklist for you, make phone calls to vendors, and much more. Hire us to do the tedious research involved in planning your wedding so you can relax and enjoy your engagement and wedding day. 

We specialize in micro and destination weddings. Because we own the travel agency our couples tap into the best rates for both the wedding and the honeymoon.

As a special events planning and conference hosting company with more than 18 years of experience our events are identified by many as productions. With the top vendors in the industry on our premier vendor list we pride ourselves in the details. Excellency is our floor and limits simply do not exist.

Consult with us today for a personal wedding or event quote that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Welcome to Kingdom Weddings and Events where your dreams are our reality!


Whether you need a hotel, rental car, flight, cruise, luxury home or excursion we have you covered. Anywhere you can go, any way you can get there and anything you can do when you get there we can book it. When using our Vortex technology you’re able to save 80% of the time. How? It searches the internet for the lowest price and drops it a little more just for you! How still? We buy travel wholesale so we can afford to offer it to you at a reasonable rate.

Opulence Travel

Two ways to book with us:

Via our Vortex Self Booking Engine

With a Travel Agent

As travel business owners:

We teach groups, organizations and nonprofits how to use the travel industry as a continuous fundraiser.
FACT: the global digital travel (online booking) global market is expected to garner $1.9 billion by the end of 2022. Surge365’s Vortex is the ultimate fundraiser overriding the global return of travel. Passive fundraising at it’s finest! Ask us how to get your organization the funding it needs… on a regular basis. #positioningandtiming

Travel as an important tool in absorbing conference budgets and enhancing engagement bookings.

Are you a conference host? Has your budget ever fallen short at the end of the event and was left settling the bill with personal funds? Maybe your event was a huge success and thousands of people were in attendance. However, you only profited from registrations when you could have gotten a commission on every flight, every, hotel room and every rental car every registrant booked using your free discount link. 

Ask us how to stop leaving money on the table and meet your event budget before the actual event!

The Opportunity to Partner
with Trudi B. Parson

As a National Builder, we are always welcoming business partners who are looking for an opportunity to generate a residual stream of income. If that’s you watch our informational video and schedule a chat. I’d love to help build your wealth portfolio residually! Chat soon

Complete our travel survey for access to our VIP chance to win a free gift card: 

Fortify is an entrepreneurial training and corporate consulting firm designed to give passionate entrepreneurs a proven, powerful step-by-step system for building a profitable business and a freedom lifestyle built around and navigated by their gifts.

With a variety of training programs that include self-study courses, live mentoring, and live events, master classes, mastercourses, retreats, corporate consulting and individual and group coaching sessions. Fortify has something for entrepreneurs at every stage of the journey, whether they’re still in the ideas phase, or they’re ready to amplify their results and experience total time and financial freedom.

As a comprehensive business launching firm we can offer everything in house. We are also the owner of Strategic Solutions Tax Preparation & Planning and Fortify Funding so we are able to accommodate all of the needs of our clients and in turn they experience strategic planning for financial success, entrepreneurial clarity and financial support via grants and loans as needed.

As COVID-19 emerged and the clients from our sister companies expressed their need for guidance and resources we did not panic, instead we showed them how to pivot and double their revenue while converting virtual likes into virtual purchases.

With our upcoming monthly business networking events, private social media communities, masterclass, mastercourses and retreats you too are sure to expand your business!


Fortify: The Business Launch Firm

Address: 405 Battleground Ave. Suite 100A Greensboro, NC 27401 Phone Number: 336-624-1584 Email: Trudi@TrudiBParson.com