Marketplace Minister

Marketplace Minister

As a licensed minister since 2005, Trudi B. Parson rightly divides the word and teaches it clearly for daily life application from various platforms in the community, abroad on the mission field and in the Marketplace. She enjoys having the opportunity to be a light in a sometimes dark world while exposing God’s truth in unexpected places like boardrooms, staff meetings, city meetings, etc.

As defined by Wikipedia, Marketplace ministry typically refers to evangelism or other Christian activities that are targeted towards the secular workplace, as opposed to homes, churches, or specialized venues. It can also refer to particular parachurch organizations that focus on such ministry. Simply put, it is doing ministry a lot like Jesus did, out among the actual people. It’s spreading the truth and love of Christ in places that are not traditional.

What does Marketplace Ministry look like for Trudi B. Parson?

After 17 years of pulpit and evangelism ministry she has committed herself to local and international missions, future podcasting, serving the community, knee to knee conversations with non - church goers and non - Christians about God. Virtual and in person conversations about the correct application of God’s word to ensure success in business and relationships. It looks like being able to freely intertwine faith with business while praying and declaring great success over her clients. It looks like being the thermostat in the room, taking territory for the kingdom and pouring into those who are operating in the marketplace.

While serving is her pleasure, teaching is her strong gift. Organizing teams to mobilize for missions can be difficult. Maybe your ministry needs topical instructions / teaching regarding missions, marketplace ministry, intertwining business and faith to maximize and activate your God given power. Whatever the case may be, you’ve landed in the right place.

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